Sunday, December 2, 2012

Final Edition of Calamity's Corner 

Sad to say this is be the last edition of Calamity's Corner. I'll miss not receiving the bright little magazine each month.
Calamity has again suggested Christmas reading and buying, many of the books in the magazine which have been reviewed and their authors interviewed during the four and a half years of Calamity's Corner's existence.
Now is your last chance to read LJ Roberts' book review column and movie reviews by Gabriela and Sheryl.
For one who likes travelling, I was always interested in Travel News. One of my favourite cities is featured in this last edition: Paris.  
Always fond of animals, I loved Pet of the Month and some of the unusual animals featured. This month is no exception with young Cailyn from NSW Australia holding a pet carpet snake.
Jacquie Rogers has always been there with her interesting Blast from the Past tidbits.
Best of luck to Ted, Calamity's husband, who had to be rushed to hospital for a life saving operation. He is now back as good as new in the safe loving arms of Calamity.
Now to end on a personal note. I loved reading about Stefan, the hero of The Unhewn Stone and his struggles with the evil sibyl. Happiness Guaranteed, a chilling sci-fi short and the happy Billy the Bonsai Bull.
I look forward to A Summer Squall in March 13.
Farewell Calamity's Corner. I will miss you.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ballad of the Sad Losers

I wrote Ballad of the Sad Losers after I'd been to one of her concerts. She is a wonderful singer. Such a full rich voice.
Ballad of the Sad Losers 

When Margret Roadnight came to town
Old Jimmy Cowman remembered
how he was going to be
the greatest jazz player in the world.
Play that sax, Jimmy
play them Blues.
He was Satchmo 

When Margret Roadnight came to town
She sang a song of the fifties.
Little Nancy Dee remembered
dancing with Johnnie Jones
to the old seventy-eights
Jimmy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. 

When Margret Roadnight left town
She took her songs with her.
Old Jimmy Cowman sat upon his porch.
He didn't see the crop that was failing.
Little Nancy Dee wept
remembering the night
Johnnie Jones waltzed out of her life
in the arms of her best friend. 

When Margret Roadnight left town
She took their dreams with her.
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Three children try to save a creek from the developers and are helped by a great goanna. Children 7-11 years.