Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cry of My Country

 I wrote this poem for a friend of mine and didn't intend to publish it. She was English and belonged to the Edward Thomas Society when she lived in England. She was shocked when I said I had never heard of Edward Thomas let alone read his poetry. She leant me a book of his poetry. As I read I realised how different her growing up in England was to my childhood in Australia. In her old age, she was perhaps filled with memories of her childhood.

Edward Thomas was one of the doomed World War 1 poets. He was killed in action, Arras, France, on Easter Monday, 9th April, 1917. 

Cry of my country.
              To Eileen Turle 

She said
Have you read Edward Thomas
and lent me a book
of his poetry. 

He spoke of English things
Of meadowsweet
the first primrose
the blackbird song at evening
and English lanes
green and white in their season.
These things she remembered. 

My road runs wide and long.
Through the shimmering heat
The red dust dances
beyond the horizon
and from a Tallerack
by the creek
comes the harsh call of a crow.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Cat Named Ginger

What part does a cat play in a relationship?

Gordon Smith lived on fried eggs, sausages, chips and a myriad of tinned food after Irene, his wife, died. He dreamt of the dumpling stews, roast lamb and the cakes Irene seemed to produce so effortlessly.
He couldn't believe his luck when he met Gladys Dobson, a bright-faced woman like Irene and like her, perhaps too pudgy around the hips but he liked a woman with a bit of padding and discovered besides being a widow, she was a renowned cook.
He inveigled an invitation to afternoon tea at their third meeting. When he arrived at Rose Cottage and saw the luscious cake bedecked with cream, strawberries and chocolate shavings she'd created, he thought here was the woman for him.
Cakes were Gladys's specialty. Each concoction seemed to outdo the other.
Gordon drooled over the large portion of Strawberry Hazelnut Gateau with lush strawberries nesting in cream which Gladys set before him. He dug into a serving and demolished it with relish and eagerly accepted another helping.
Gladys invited him to pop in whenever he was passing. "You're so thin," she said, her eyes large and sympathetic.
Gordon had always been thin. In spite of the fried eggs, sausages and chips, he hadn't gained any weight.
He called at Rose Cottage the next day, vaguely giving the reason he was on his way to the shopping centre and wondered if Gladys wanted anything.
She welcomed him with a wide smile. "You must have a cup of Earl Grey tea and a vanilla slice which I've just finished icing first."
He didn't need any persuading and accepted gladly.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Summers in the Heart

There is nothing like summer in Australia especially for the young. I lived in a large country town which the Avon River flowed through. The school holidays, seven weeks then, seemed to last forever. I hope you loved your summers as much as I did. 

Summers in the Heart 

Taking leave of reality
I found the boat at the river. 

A switch in time
And I was back
where the sun never sets in summer. 

Sand water sky
Drifting in the borrowed boat
I found again
the lightness of being.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Young men should be wary of girls who invite them home to their castles. 

The Vampire Girls  

 Mayga took her phone out of her bag, pressed a few numbers then held the phone to her ear as she said to her cousin, Eliane, "I better let Vlad know we'll be home this weekend. I hope he doesn't have any of his greenie friends around like he did last weekend. We lived on soybean patties and a vegetarian combination. I was dying for a juicy rare steak."
"I liked the herbed sunflower seed loaf that Cameron made. He looked so healthy with that red blood pulsing through his veins.” Eliane rolled her eyes and ran her tongue over her sharp little white teeth.  “He and I spent a lot of time together. Vlad was so difficult about it.”
“Darling, you had Cameron trapped in your bedroom all weekend. No wonder Vlad was difficult. He wanted Cameron to stake the beans but don’t worry about Vlad. Oh, Vlad, darling,” Mayga said, speaking into her mobile. “It’s Mayga. I’m just letting you know that Eliane and I will be bringing two friends home this weekend.”
“I’m not going to be a party to you and Eliane seducing any innocent young men,” Vlad yelled. “I had enough of it last weekend.”
Mayga held the phone away from her ear. “How do you know our friends are men, darling?” holding the phone to her ear again.
“When have you or Eliane ever had a girlfriend?”
“Those two weren’t so innocent.” Mayga pulled a face at Eliane and mouthed, he’s going to be difficult. “I’d only known Darren ten minutes and he had his hand up my skirt.”
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Calamity's Corner October

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Author of the Month is Edith Parzefall. Her new thriller, Strays of Rio, brings a new dimension to the street kids and drug gangs who inhabit the back streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Edith wasn't content just to read about the gangs, she travelled to Rio and explored the pavelas, visited a local school and a street kids project to gain firsthand experience.
Some of the situations Edith wrote about with these deprived children of the streets makes one want to rage against the unfairness of how these children are treated.
Strays of Rio is a book everyone with any compassion should read.
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