Saturday, October 6, 2012

Calamity's Corner October

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Author of the Month is Edith Parzefall. Her new thriller, Strays of Rio, brings a new dimension to the street kids and drug gangs who inhabit the back streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Edith wasn't content just to read about the gangs, she travelled to Rio and explored the pavelas, visited a local school and a street kids project to gain firsthand experience.
Some of the situations Edith wrote about with these deprived children of the streets makes one want to rage against the unfairness of how these children are treated.
Strays of Rio is a book everyone with any compassion should read.
The book is available from Kindle Books and MuseItUp Publishing
How well do you know your movies?
Do you know who got the part of Dirty Harry but injured his hand and was replaced by Clint Eastwood?
Now is the time to discover whether you know this and other pert questions by checking Quick Quiz.
Two delightful small animals from the Berlin Zoo are Pets of the Month. Calamity doesn't know their name. Can you help out?
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