Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Farewell to Laurel

Laurel passed away in Northam Western Australia on 9 June 2013 after a short illness.  Laurel loved to read and she had a passion for writing.  Over 43 years of writing Laurel was a prolific author self-publishing eight books that included children's stories, historical romance, regency novels, murder mysteries, and her West Australian epic The Walara Series.  In April 2013 she self-published the printed version of Journey from Walara.  Laurel was keen for The Walara Series to be completed and the third book will be published posthumously.  Her short stories and poetry have been included in several anthologies.

Laurel had a wide range of friends from her childhood, from her many years living in Hopetoun Western Australia, and from her writing.  The thoughts of Laurel's many friends to her family have been a great comfort and reflect how highly she was regarded.