Saturday, March 26, 2011

You Write On have republished my Regency Romance, Substitute Bride.
When Miss Emma Napier helps her friend, Abby, escape from a forced marriage, she little thought she would meet the dashing Lord Desborough at a disreputable inn. His lordship is looking for a wife. Emma seems the perfect choice.
Substitute Bride is available for print and download.
Cover designed by Wendy Larharnar

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calamity's Corner March

Congratulations, Calam. Another good edition of Calamity's Corner. Interesting article about Kim Smith, Author of the Month. Kim is a multi-genre writer. Her first love is fantasy. Her latest book is the YA fantasy - A Mirror in Time.
LJ Roberts latest book review is a Woman of Consequence by Anna Dean. I've added this to my books to read. Loved the description of Miss Dido Kent, amateur detective, in Georgian England.
Calamity has put up interesting photos of Sydney which some say is the most glamorous city in Oz.
Loved Edith and Alma's photos of handling what looked like a python. And Alma's expression. It reminded me of the python we had tempory living in our shearing shed for a time which did a sterling job catching mice and rats. I was never lucky enough to see our python no matter how many times I snuck down to the sheds with my camera. Snakes are shy creatures.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Japanese Grandmother

An anthology of short stories and poetry which have previously been published in other publications.
A short story and poem from the book can be read on my website
The Japanese Grandmother is only available for download.
And other sites stated on my sites.

Battle of Boodicuttup Creek

The discovery of an injured cormorant at the Boodicuttup Creek was a special event for Leanna, Shane and Mitch.
They were shocked when old Charlie Buckle planned to dam the creek where the cormorant and other water birds live.
The children try to enlist the help of the town people to prevent the dam.
Will Uncle Rolly's bullroarer be of help or hindrance in their efforts to save the creek?
And how can Shane and Mitch avoid a fight with the Gasper boys?
A book suitable for 7-11 year old readers.
The first chapters can be read at my website
Battle of Boodicuttup Creek is available for print and download at
and at other sites stated on my blog

Crossroads at Isca

Set in Roman Britain in the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, Crossroads at Isca is the story of Faine and Marella, the nieces of a British chieftain.
When the girls meet two young Roman tribunes from the great Roman fort on the plain, their lives are changed forever.
Read the first chapter on my website

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Murder Among the Roses

When Detective Matt Allenby arrives in the hamlet of Taylors Crossing near Perth in Western Australia to investigate the murder of one of the inhabitants, he thought it would be straightforward case.
He didn't expect the locals would have secrets which would conflict with his investigations. Then he finds himself falling in love with one of his suspects.
A cosy murder mystery about people making new lives for themselves when a murder threatens to destroy their new found peace.
You can read the first chapter at my Authors Den site.
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