Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calamity's Corner March

Congratulations, Calam. Another good edition of Calamity's Corner. Interesting article about Kim Smith, Author of the Month. Kim is a multi-genre writer. Her first love is fantasy. Her latest book is the YA fantasy - A Mirror in Time.
LJ Roberts latest book review is a Woman of Consequence by Anna Dean. I've added this to my books to read. Loved the description of Miss Dido Kent, amateur detective, in Georgian England.
Calamity has put up interesting photos of Sydney which some say is the most glamorous city in Oz.
Loved Edith and Alma's photos of handling what looked like a python. And Alma's expression. It reminded me of the python we had tempory living in our shearing shed for a time which did a sterling job catching mice and rats. I was never lucky enough to see our python no matter how many times I snuck down to the sheds with my camera. Snakes are shy creatures.
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  1. Thank you, Laurel.
    I'm so glad you continue to enjoy and support Calamity's Corner and for your many contibutions over the years. At the moment I am re reading you Murder Among the Roses. I can't put it down, it is such an engaging story.