Monday, October 8, 2012

Young men should be wary of girls who invite them home to their castles. 

The Vampire Girls  

 Mayga took her phone out of her bag, pressed a few numbers then held the phone to her ear as she said to her cousin, Eliane, "I better let Vlad know we'll be home this weekend. I hope he doesn't have any of his greenie friends around like he did last weekend. We lived on soybean patties and a vegetarian combination. I was dying for a juicy rare steak."
"I liked the herbed sunflower seed loaf that Cameron made. He looked so healthy with that red blood pulsing through his veins.” Eliane rolled her eyes and ran her tongue over her sharp little white teeth.  “He and I spent a lot of time together. Vlad was so difficult about it.”
“Darling, you had Cameron trapped in your bedroom all weekend. No wonder Vlad was difficult. He wanted Cameron to stake the beans but don’t worry about Vlad. Oh, Vlad, darling,” Mayga said, speaking into her mobile. “It’s Mayga. I’m just letting you know that Eliane and I will be bringing two friends home this weekend.”
“I’m not going to be a party to you and Eliane seducing any innocent young men,” Vlad yelled. “I had enough of it last weekend.”
Mayga held the phone away from her ear. “How do you know our friends are men, darling?” holding the phone to her ear again.
“When have you or Eliane ever had a girlfriend?”
“Those two weren’t so innocent.” Mayga pulled a face at Eliane and mouthed, he’s going to be difficult. “I’d only known Darren ten minutes and he had his hand up my skirt.”
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