Friday, March 23, 2012

Night Meeting

Free short story read - a bitter sweet love story.

"Damn," Darren cried aloud when he stopped the motorbike in frustration and realized what he'd suspected for the last twenty minutes. He'd taken the wrong turn.
He rode along slowly, looking for somewhere to camp, when in the
fading light he noticed the cottage by the river. He traversed the little used
track leading to the building. Getting off the bike, he stood for a moment
outside the broken gate, staring at the small garden enclosed by a tumbledown
fence. The grass grew thickly as it tried to smother the sprawling lavender
bush and straggling red geraniums. Pushing open the gate, he went along the
stone path and up the few wooden steps and knocked on the weather beaten door.
When no one answered, he tried the door handle. It opened protesting. "Is
anyone home?" he called a couple of times.
The room was sparsely furnished with a wooden table and several
chairs pushed into it. Against the opposite wall was an open stone fireplace.
Beside it was a small stack of wood.
He called again buy no one answered. The place looked deserted.

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