Monday, February 18, 2013

Another poem in my Vermeer collection of poetry written after viewing Vermeer's magnificent paintings. I hope you enjoy reading it. Laurel

The Letter Writer
               and Vermeer

  I dip the quill
  In the ink well. 

    Dear Mr Leeuwenhoek 

  I was pleased to receive
  your good wishes
  On my betrothment
  To Mijnheer Van Ruijens
  my father’s business partner.   
 He owns the Tulip Gardens
 in Langendijck Street.
You came to work
 In my father's counting house.      
 You kissed my hand
your skin firm and smooth,
your form pleasing,
your eyes shining with youth. 
You smiled shyly. 

My delight in you grows.
I ache to be held
To know your kisses. 
Meet me there
My dearest love. 

Laurel Lamperd

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