Thursday, April 5, 2012

April's Calamity's Corner is now available for download. An online magazine for
Readers, Writers, Movie Buffs at Leisure. Contact for a free
Rick Chisler, a thriller writer, is Author of the Month. Rick discusses his
protagonist in his Tara Shores series who is a FBI agent and how a FBI Agent
would react in certain situations.
LJ Roberts reviews Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland plus movie reviews by
Edith Parzefall and Calamity.
In Travel News you can visit Brittany in France with Alanna through her descriptions
and photographs.
You can find much more in Calamity's Corner.
You, too, can be a contributor to CC. Feature your pet or send in a book or movie
Matt Allenby is investigating a murder in a small West Australian country town.
The murder looks fairly straighforwarded at first, then Matt finds he is falling
in love with one of his suspects.


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