Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Find an Editor

Find an Editor

Do you have an editor?
 Read what Susannah says on her blog http://writeitsideways.com about getting an editor if you are lucky enough to find an editor. I must admit that I've never been lucky to find one.
The closest I've had is when I've sent a piece to a magazine; the editor likes it and asks to make some changes which I've usually gratefully agreed to. The other writers who have helped me so much with my novels are the marvellous novelists on the IWW blog novel group http://internetwritingworkshop.blogspot.com who have edited all my books.
So do think that you need an editor? Read what Susannah says on her blog and check out Erika Liodice's post on How to Find an Editor on Susannah's site.

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