Friday, May 4, 2012

Little Egypt short story

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excerpt below

Little Egypt  

Hubble was always going on about the belly dancer who fleeced his granddaddy in Cairo when he was there with the Anzacs though there was some doubt whether his grandfather ever got to Gallipoli. I heard he'd stayed behind in the fleshpots of Cairo where he made the Hubble fortune even though the belly dancer, Little Egypt, managed to get her fingers into some of it.
I met Hubble at his favourite bar, well known for its high betting poker games that I'd discovered to my cost. I sat down opposite Hubble.
"Ready for another game of poker?" Hubble said with a snigger when I greeted him.
I shook my head and hid my nasty thoughts. "I've come about something else. I found a belly dancer for you, Hubble."
Hubble's eyes sparkled with expectation.
So there was something of his granddaddy still left in Hubble. "She's straight from the fleshpots of Cairo. Her name is Little Egypt."
"That was the name of my granddaddy’s belly dancer.” Hubble held up two fingers to the man at the bar to bring him a couple of beers.
"All belly dancers are called Little Egypt," I said. “You’ll like this one. Black hair, blue eyes. She’s a ripper”
"Blue eyes all the way from Egypt?" Hubble said as the barman set two foaming lagers in front of him.
I caught the suspicious look in his eyes. "Yeah, her granddaddy was an Englishman. She inherited his blue eyes. I guess you've got a few blue-eyed cousins running around the country yourself," I said, alluding to Hubble's granddad's amorous adventures in Egypt. I picked up the beer he'd bought me. "Drink your beer then I'll take you to see her." I glanced at my watch. "She's due to do her belly dancing act in half-an-hour."
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