Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Calamity's Corner

Calamity's Corner is four years old this month. Congratulations to Calamity for putting together such an informative, bright and interesting journal each month.
Maggi Anderson, Australian writer, is Writer of the Month.  Her article, The Fabulous Georgian Years which should make everyone sit down and write a Regency. Maggi's latest novel is The Reluctant Marquess.
Maggi says in her article that garnets were the most popular jewellery of the Regency. The Georgian era was when the wealthy and not so wealthy aristocratic society made their feeling known by giving fabulous jewels to their mistresses and lovers. 
The garnet was the most desirable jewel of the time. They were made popular by Lady Emma Hamilton, Lord Nelson's mistress.

Another feature of this month's Calamity's Corner is a web site to view the Transit of Venus safely without damaging your eyes.
Plenty more to see in Calamity's Corner: Movie and book reviews. Travel News - American espionage writer, Peter Bernhardt visits beautiful Sedona, USA.
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  1. Thank you Laurel,
    I'm looking forward to you being Author of the Month in Calamity's Corner. I can't wait to feature you!!!