Thursday, June 14, 2012

 I wrote this poem many years ago.
It was published by Ars Poetica & online
by Poetry Quay. I wonder where those
publications are now.
However, I'm glad to air the poem again. 
I hope you enjoy it.


She sent a card
In sympathy for Tom's death
with a note attached.
She had got religion
and wanted to atone
for the affair she and Tom
had in that mining town
forty years ago. 

Our children were in nursery school.
I thought she was my friend
But in preserving
her peace of mind
she has shattered mine.

                      *           *          *

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Book Two in the Walara series.
Danny and Will Hennessy join the forces and go to fight in WW2, leaving their father, Jack Hennessy, to manage the huge Walara property on his own. 


  1. Lovely poem, Laurel. Brings back memories of your book. Keep writing.

  2. Oh, how sad. How typical of the convertered to think only of themselves. I sympathize with the widow. Powerful poem Laurel