Monday, August 13, 2012

1960 - 1999

!960 - 1999 was published in the little Tamba magazine which I believe has gone out of business. Recently it was published in the Dark Diamonds anthology edited by Graham Kershaw.

1960 – 1999 

1960 – The bay curved the coast
like a crescent moon
Around the bay
the bush hugged the sand dunes. 

My mother and father fished
While we paddled in the shallows
and dived into the sea
chasing the sea-stars
from their hiding places
as the white faced heron watched.

1999 – At night
The lights of tankers
twinkle in reply to the lights
thickly ringing the bay. 

A wind comes from the south
Filling the senses
with pristine sea and white ice.
The waves roll in
hiding the conduit
transferring land waste to the sea.

My children go wet suited
To search the sea of my childhood.
They return.
The sea-stars have vanished
from the rocks under the sea
and the white-faced heron
has gone from the shore.

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