Monday, August 20, 2012

Walking on Eggshells

How does a woman feel when she meets her father and half siblings after thirty years and discovers he isn't the ogre her mother described. How great would be her anger at her mother's lies and the duped well meaning social workers who prevented him from having contact with her. The rest of the story is on 

Walking on Egg Shells  

Alicia Morovia couldn't take in whom she was speaking to when she received the telephone call.
The man said his name again, "Jack Halling." He added, "I'm your father. I hope you don't mind that I phoned?"
"No, no."
"I wonder if you'd like to meet me and…my wife. And Christine."
"My …daughter. Actually that’s why we’re in Melbourne. Christine’s husband has been transferred here.”
Alicia had a feeling he almost said eldest daughter. She was his eldest daughter though she hadn’t seen him since she was two.
“We could have lunch…or a coffee…” Jack Halling’s voice trailed off.
“Lunch sounds fine.” Alicia mentioned a place in the city where she’d be sure not to meet any of her friends.
She put down the telephone and glanced at the clock. Half-past-three. The children would soon be home from school.
She ran her fingers through her hair, stressed after the call. She didn't know what her father looked like. She'd never seen a photo of him. Her mother would have destroyed them.

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