Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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For those who have visited the Memorial Dome at Geraldton, the sadness of the loss of those young sailors and the futitlity of war still fills one though it happened over seventy years ago.


                 [Memorial Dome at Geraldton]    

HMAS Sydney, all lost in battle
                             with the German raider, Kormoran,
                             off the West Australian coast
                             near Carnarvon,
                             November 19th, 1941.                                       

Is that me
that iron woman
forever waving off her hero? 

Can you hear
from that place of garlanded mermaids
and siren songs? 

Your loins are hard and moist, my love.
I feel your corded muscles against my softness.
My milky breasts leak upon your chest.
Our daughter laughs and gurgles
while we make our son. 

Your lips are mine.
My body fires to your caress.
I cry my desire
and awake
to touch a vacant place. 

The hope that blazed has faded
to this wizened old woman
who now is me. 

And you.
A tiny seagull spreading its wings
on a dome of glass. 

Laurel Lamperd


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