Friday, January 25, 2013

Child Rearing

All those lovely memories of babies, weariness and a time that won't come again.

The baby awoke
All snuffy and puffy-eyed
rattling the bars of the cot
pleading to get into bed
with me. 

Finally we slept. 

At five-thirty
The toddler awoke
ready to begin the day. 

Creeping out of bed
Afraid of waking the baby
grabbing a dressing gown
and fur-lined boots
I tiptoe into the toddler's room
holding my finger to my lips
for silence. 

The toddler laughed
And called my name.

A putting on of jumpers
And socks and slippers
on plump little feet
I carry her against my breast
her little body
like a warm sausage 

We stood on the verandah
And watched the sun
a glow in the east
it was about to rise
over the edge of our world.
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