Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Koombana Bay  

Walking along Koombana Beach
To Port McCleod
The sun setting beyond Rocky Point
On Back Beach
I watch for the dolphins
But they are away
Frolicking upon some far off wave
Catching a last fish for the day. 

I look to the west again
You came from there
To our rendezvous. 

I reach the spot where we met
And try to remember you
fifty years ago
long hair tied in a ponytail
firm brown legs in shorts
but images of our granddaughter intercede
and I see her, not you
as you once were. 

Memories are fleeting
Tiny cameos
like rain drops on spring mornings. 

Suddenly you came
Sneaking from beneath the image
of our granddaughter.
I hang onto your smile
as desperately as I held onto your life
but the smile has gone
as you have
and I walk alone
beside the darkening waters
of Koombana Bay.

 Crossroads at Isca - romance - set in Roman Britain







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