Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road to the Cemetery

A tale about how minds can be persuaded. 
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The two women with four children between them, walked along the lane to the cemetery where Betty's mother, Lena, had been buried four months earlier.
Betty waved the sticky little flies away with the bunch of roses she carried to lay on her mother's grave. "Roy said we should take the car. I told him I wanted to walk. It'll be like a pilgrimage. You know, like going to Mecca." She eased the cloth bag she'd made at the Craft Club on her shoulder. "He wants to rent out mum's cottage but I couldn't bear to see someone else in it. Every time I looked out the back door, mum was there, working in her garden or sitting on her porch doing her cross stitch."
"It was sensible of her to buy the transportable with her superannuation," said Sandra, Betty's best friend.
Betty nodded. “She collected quite a bit of super money too. She spent forty years working in the bar of the Shamrock. She said we’d have the transportable after she went. That’s why she put it in our backyard. She always thought of me and the kids.“
“You were lucky you had her around to baby sit. I wish my mother lived close by instead of in the city.“
“Mum loved looking after the kids. She always said I did her a favour sharing them with her. She was always available except when she was at the Club.“
“She certainly loved her bingo. She was there nearly every day.“
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