Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Heart Upon the Hearth

How farmers and their families feel when drought strikes in Australia from a woman's point of view.
Published - In Perspective December 1993
Published - The Royal Scribe January 2001 

Heart Upon the Hearth 

Like harp strings
play upon the soul.
Women reaching out
in this room of tea and scones
and countrywomen. 

The flames burn brightly
In the morning
Stirring stirring
and the noise of children
leaving for school
and the roar of the tractor
from the shed. 

Black coals reflect my soul.
The tractor is silent
As the earth waits
for rain.
The day draws on
bright sun shining shining
into a house of gloom
the heart of my man
as black as coal. 

I blow
Willing them into life.
A tiny flame of hope
spirals upwards.
I feel the strength there
and women talking talking
giving their strength
the flame grows
as I feed upon the strength
of my sisters.
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