Sunday, September 2, 2012

Septermber Calamity's Corner

September Calamity's Corner is now available for download.
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James Lockhart Parry is the author of the month. If you like fast moving racy thrillers, James LP is the writer for you. The Messenger is one such book.
Read Ted's movie review Reach for the Sky, the story of Douglas Bader, the English WW2 fighter pilot hero who lost his legs in a plane accident in 1931. I saw the film when it first came out. It was a big movie in its day. One couldn't help but admire Douglas Bader for his courage and tenacity.
Join Aussie traveller, Phillip Skinner, who holidays in Marrakesh, Morocco. His text and many photographs encourage one to save one's money and go there for the next holiday.  

Join the readers of Calamity's Corner and see yourself in print. Suggest a quick quiz of an unusual event or activity.
There is plenty more in Calamity's Corner.

Download Murder Among the Roses from
Detective Matt Allenby investigates a murder and finds himself falling love with one of his suspects.

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